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High Class Email List

Crafting a sound and style individually for years, PIKE and Dreem linked up over a love of all things hip hop.  PIKE hails from Grand Rapids, MI, and lives life by one slogan, "never put out weak shit."  Dreem is a CO native with goals to be beyond famous.  The separate artists have joined forces and when For Dollars To Dimes meets Suit & Tie you only get High Class. With a debut album in the works that will show definitive proof, two hip hop heads are better than one. A fresh sound combining the hustle and work ethic of the under ground hip hop scene, with the style and attitude that keeps it original. High Class is taking no prisoners. You can stay in the mail room, PIKE and Dreem are taking the elevator to the top. Prepare for a golden age of ruthless rap dictatorship, this is the new world order.  The Super Up get Suited Up.
High Class